The Online Word of JulieDeneen

This is my job. I save bloggers from themselves, i also help local business in the US to promote their product or services on sites like craigslist, kijiji and backpage.

I was working with a local plumbing company in Newyork where my primary responsibility was to and they assigned me a task to post ads on craigslist for their services. i got great experiences over the last couple of years and tested lot of things in terms of craigslist posting.

Daily, i get questions like, why my ads are getting flagged? Why my ads are getting ghosted? I always reply that their is no rule of thumb. you need to sit down and check all variable including your ad content, images, your ip address, your competition. and test/tweak until you get the secrete sauce.  Do not copy images from the internet! use your own images. You can hire 99WebDesign to get a great image for your ad that is unique and compelling.

When i quite the job, i started providing Craigslist posting service to different companies. And i was blown away with the type of response i got. I even can’t manage all the clients at this stage. Each new costumer that ask me about service i referred them to outsource  to freelancer. They are great company and great people.

As i said above, i get lot of questions about Craigslist flagging and ghosting issues. As you may know most local business owners use Craigslist to generate massive amount of leads.

But every one is asking, How can i post ads that sticks for couple of days and did’t get flagged  ?  And recently lot of folks are having issues with Craigslist Ghosting.  They post an ad which most of the time gets hidden in Craigslist. I recommend to use unique content for your ads, good quality images and make sure you do not post spam ads.

Lot of people are testing and tweaking ads to stay Flag proof and ghost proof. But there are always loop holes that Spammy people can adopt which ultimately result in collateral damage.

And you will be ok! If there are shameless people posting against you on Craigslist that negatively  affect your brand, you can use Craigslist flagging service to take them down. I used them quite a few times and they are real quick and can turn ads down very quickly.

Guess what? It’s fabulous!

Contact me if you have any questions! I’d be glad to help you.


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