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  • BlogHer 14
    WordPress Geek Bar Saturday 11:00am-12:15pm
    I’m on my way to San Jose California this week to the annual BlogHer conference. This year, I’ll be teaching at a WordPress Geek Bar on Saturday morning. I hope you’ll come join me as I explore all the nooks and crannies of WordPress. The Geek Bar is designed for […]
    Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    Search Engine Blog Posts
    Getting Google’s Attention | How to Get on That First Page of Search
    Despite the relatively boring title, I’m going to give beginners a step by step process that will help get your site seen by search engines. Using this post, I’m going to show you the process I went through to design this particular blog post. Don’t let SEO or SERP acronyms […]
    Thu, Jul 17, 2014

  • Not tithing
    The Sin of Not Tithing
    An Original Post by Julie DeNeen. God Outside is a blog dedicated to discovering God outside the box of the Church. I pay for things all the time. Lessons, groceries, events, vacations, bills, and who can forget the mortgage? I’m no stranger to library dues or monthly installment plans. Yet when someone […]
    Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    7 Things I Never Noticed About the Creation Story
    7 Things I Never Noticed About the Story of Creation in Genesis
    An Original Post by Julie DeNeen. God Outside is a blog dedicated to discovering God outside the box of the Church. In my quest for a new kind of faith, I’ve come to discover that everything looks different when you take off the “charismatic born again” glasses. It’s not that I […]
    Tue, Jul 08, 2014

  • fairmont view
    San Jose and San Francisco Adventures
    I’ve been in California for a little over 24 hours and here are a few things I’ve learned…. The Fairmont is beautiful, but they charge for EVERYTHING. We can’t even use the wine glasses in the mini-bar without racking up a bill. I’m scared to call down for a wine opener because […]
    Thu, Jul 24, 2014

    I won a vibrator last year. There's no where to go but down I suppose.
    I’m Going to BlogHer 2014!
    I won a vibrator last year. There’s nowhere to go but down I suppose. So it’s Sunday morning…wait no…afternoon. I leave early at the butt crack of dawn on Tuesday for San Jose. I’m going to the annual BlogHer conference in Cali and determined I wanted a few days to look […]
    Sun, Jul 20, 2014

  • julieprofileHi. I'm Julie- the blond tornado that runs this website.

    I started out as a Mommy blogger in 2007, trying desperately to reach the outside world while buried underneath some nasty post partum depression, three children, and no money. I was 27 and very lonely. I wrote and wrote and wrote, baffled when I saw more than 30 people reading it.

    Like most people, my path to a career hasn't been straight. And I'm still not exactly sure where I'm headed. I do know this -- I love to write and educate. I love to make people think. I enjoy everything to do with WordPress, tech, theater, food, and social media. #Random. I also have a bad habit of using hashtags in normal conversation.

    I have a weird addiction to magnets and mason jars, I enjoy quotes (and have a 600 page book of them to read at night), and wish I could be the funniest person on Twitter ever, but I'm not.

    Julie DeNeen.com is technically an online magazine, though it feels absurdly arrogant to say that. Really, it's just a place to keep up with everything I'm doing, writing, and saying on the Interwebz. I'm in a lot of places, on every social media channel possible, and I have several blogs. You can stalk me wherever and however you want (preferably with chocolates on my doorstep every morning. Minimum 60% cacao).

    Some of you may not give a shit about anything except how I can help you on your blog. It's selfish, but whatever. Go ahead and visit my fully independent and kick ass tech blog Fabulousblogging.com. If you prefer to read all my OpEd pieces on psychology, women, real food, vacations, etc... then just stay here. And, if any of you have any desire to engage in all things religious and crazy charismatic, head over to GodOutside.com and read about my epic struggle with my faith.

    I realize your time is limited and the Internet is full of cats and quizzes, so I appreciate you checking in. I'll try to keep you entertained!

    As for subscribing, I have something called The Daily. You'll see it below. It's a quick snapshot of the world of Julie, plus helpful content whenever and wherever I find it. I offer tips, recipes, quirky anecdotes, a read of the day, a tweet of the day, and more -- all in bite-sized pieces. I promise no spam and no click bait ever. To see an archived list of Daily's, you can click here.

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July 21st – 27th, 2014


I’m on vacation, so I’m feelin’ like this…


Dinner plans:

Well, an entire week of no cooking! Someone pinch me. You’re on your own people. If you need help, look ay my cocktails board on Pinterest.


State of the house:

Here are some great articles about organization you can keep busy with while I sleep in a room with daily maid service.

Best tweet I’ve read this week:


Random fact you must know right now:

I’m on vacation. Who cares?