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August 29th


I don’t have time to have a mood. There’s too much to do – between school starting and work, my days are full. Okay, so that’s not entirely true. I do have feelings, but I’m not into spewing them here. I’m scared people will judge me. What if I said that Andrew and I were doing okay? That we’re both ready for this transition and have been for a long time? That we talk about how to keep our kids happy, how to divide up our stuff, how to figure out co-parenting, how to adjust to adding new people to our lives? Maybe some of you would say, “Oh that’s good!” Others might say, “Well that’s too fast. You’re not dealing with reality.” Still others might be pissed because how dare we cause our children the pain of divorce if our relationship is really so pleasant?

So…it’s easier just to not have a mood.

Dinner plans:

Pasta. You can’t go wrong with it. This is half-baked harvest’s recipe. There’s prosciutto in this bad boy.


State of the house:

How cool is this?


Best tweet I’ve read today:


When the Fruit Fly Population is So High You Fear Being Carried Off in the Middle of the Night

Random fact you must know right now:

It took over 200 years after the pencil was invented for someone to invent the eraser.