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The School Might As Well Be Selling Pot in the Classroom

The kids came home with a breakfast order form yesterday. It’s a new offering at the school, for busy parents that don’t have time to either feed their child breakfast (or it can act likeView full post »

12 Things I’ve Learned as Leader of the Bloppy Bloggers

Community. It’s a word people throw around a lot, and it often means something different each time. A home is a community. So is a town. A school. A church. A blogging network. A Facebook groupView full post »



A little bit about the blogger…

Hi. I’m Julie- the blond tornado that runs this website.

I started out as a Mommy blogger in 2007, trying desperately to reach the outside world while buried underneath some nasty post partum depression, three children, and no money. I was 27 and very lonely. I wrote and wrote and wrote, baffled when I saw more than 30 people reading it.

I had no idea there was an entire underworld of Mommy bloggers just inches from my fingertips.

As the years went by, I started to branch out of my little area of the web and began to connect with other Mom bloggers. As it turned out, I realized that I could write.

This all happened not nearly as neatly as this About Page. But I’m supposed to be summarizing quickly since you Internet readers can’t bear to read much more than 140 characters. I do write in snippets on Twitter, if you are so inclined.

Anyhow, back to writing. I started dabbling in copywriting, novel writing, memoir writing. I published a very controversial memoir about my trainwreck of a life. I earned myself about 15 minutes of unwanted fame.

Once all that died down and I came back to reality, I discovered that my teaching skills- combined with my tech skills- made a very nice pair. Like cheese and wine.

I started a business called Fabulous Blogging, which deals with all the aspects of running a website or blog, and managing your online presence. As if there aren’t enough of those out there right? I call myself a teacher first, designer second. I think I have a knack for educating people, and so far– many of you agree!

I wish I had a great conclusion paragraph to add here about how I’m a full-time novelist or a fortune 500 tech company, but I have no such credentials. I’m still a Mom, still a blogger, a writer, a tech geek, foodie, and designer. I talk about psychology constantly, so that’s what you’re in for over here.

I’m glad you’re here. I hope you find something worth staying for. Read my latest post…