The Day the Internet Broke

This day was shitty. And not because the Internet broke. It did, but that’s besides the point. After a busy week, today was like a cherry stuck on top of a melting sundae. The stress built and built until I was one of those sweaty, crazed, snarky, snappy moms that I hate. I had consult […]

Our First 2013 Beach Day

EdenYesterday was our first voyage to the beach! Voyage might be a strong word, but it feels like one when you have to lug all that crap!

What Do Parents REALLY Need to Teach Their Kids?

img_2485.jpgWhat is on your…I must teach my kid this before he grows up list? I’m slightly irritated kids aren’t born with a list. There are lots of things I think are no longer necessary, but I’m not sure other parents will agree.

Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike | Life Lessons

Eden and JulieBike riding is a lot like life. Julie goes into her bike riding lessons with Eden, finding a few life lessons along the way.

The Last 72 Hours | Mega Parenting

EvanandMomJulie’s turning into a Mommy blogger– just for today. She’s got to get a load off of her chest. She hates that phrase. It sounds like a big ol’ pile of shit. And poop should never be near your boobs.

Sports-a-thon Overdose

scared.jpgJulie is on her way out the door to her 8th field day. She’s so excited about it. Snort.

Gulliver’s Travels

My three thespiansGulliver’s Travels- another play, another success. Here are a few photos of the DeNeens in their outfits!

Mother Guilt | Why I Feel Like I Suck at Raising Evan

Evan and MeJulie hopes that coming clean with her less than stellar parenting choices with Evan will help purge her of her mother guilt. It worked…sorta.

Eden Turns Six!

I'm thinking that it was some drunk sicko that thought of the idea for blowers.Celebrating Eden’s sixth birthday with manicures, mammoth sunflowers, and of course- cake and tacos!

Parenting An Anxious Child

img_0602.jpgHow do parents handle children who are prone to severe anxiety? Julie retells a story about her nine year old son and how she handled his worries.

How Do You React When Your Children Kiss Each Other?

300px-John_Stamos_crop_2.jpgIt all started when the girls came downstairs with a guilty-ish look on their pixie faces. “What’d you guys do?” I said instinctively. Eden looked at Ellie for a cue, then back at me and simply smiled. Ellie didn’t miss a beat and said, “Nothing.” Nothing my ass, I thought.

Lying to Your Kids About Sex Toys

0-personalamenities-massagers-763_-_wood_-_massager_sm.jpgHas your child ever found a sex toy hidden in your bedroom? Julie’s friend did, and the conversation that ensued was hilarious.

Did You Know That I’m a Grandmother?

tmb-728x90-an.gifI’ve created little Mommy monsters after getting my girls real life baby dolls for Christmas.

Shit My Kids Say – Eden’s Analysis of Old Lady WhoHa’s

PipsqueakEden needed a little lotion the other night…you know- in her vagini (that’s what she calls it). I heard Andrew upstairs dealing with her and this is the conversation that ensued. Eden: Daddy- my vagini hurts. Can you put lotion on it? Andrew: Okay- but you can do it too you know. I really should have […]

Evan’s Super Power

tmb-200x50_vote_banner.gifI am fully convinced of the power of DNA. When I was in fourth grade, I won the spelling bee. So imagine my surprise (or not) when Evan showed up after school one day and casually mentioned he won the class spelling bee. For the record, he’s 9. “You what?!” I squealed getting excited.