Julie’s First Blog

You know, I’ve always thought that bloggers are those people with huge ideas, exciting adventures, or maybe some genius that the rest of the world doesn’t have. I am also not that great at journaling, so I figured blogging wasn’t for me.

Well, I’ve changed my mind. From time to time, I will email family and friends, giving them a snippet of my day. It is actually Kathy Jo’s email that inspired me to begin this blog. I want to post my life….the silly, yet so incredibly important moments of my day, that I swear I’ll remember…but inevitably don’t. So boring or exciting, brilliant or chaotic, I am going to journal it.

And I hope that those who read it- will feel connected to our family, and be able to laugh, and shake their heads, at the craziness our life is right now.

Most of you have heard this about this little episode this morning. Evan and Ellie engaging in a very enlightening bible study. It went something like this:

Evan: You know what Elle?
Ellie: Wha Eh?
Evan: Jesus loves us very much and will always protect us.
Ellie: oh yea
Evan: Elle, but now we need to be quiet and read our bibles.
Ellie: ok Eh
Evan: Ellie, please I need some peace and quiet to study my bible
Ellie: Reeeeaa da ba (that means bible) Eh
Evan: Yes Ellie, we are reading our bibles now, but we must be quiet
Ellie: Ok Eh

Since then, there have been three fights, two heads getting bumped, and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok so not the last part- but I do feel productive today. I’ve done six loads of laundry, made lunch for the kiddos, and managed to keep my grocery bill under $100.00. Evan sat on top of the little truck part of the cart, Ellie laid down and lounged in the truck, and Eden whined up at me because I had the audacity to not hold her while unloading groceries onto the belt.

I’m telling ya, I’m a production to watch.