How Do You Handle Transition?

Coming home from vacation brings out transition issues. I’ve ALWAYS had a problem with transition. I’ve figured out that people handle transition one of four ways. 1. Prolonging it. 2. Speeding it up. 3. Avoiding it. 4. Loving it (these people are weird).   #1 Prolonging Transition Hello Mother. She is the queen of this. […]

A Humor Blog Hop, a Public Service Announcement, and an Award

mcd-athensI would like to bring to your attention an unknown danger in our society. I’m actually quite shocked that this particular item hasn’t yet been banned from all towns and cities. Here are some facts about this unknown danger. 1. It is an enormous petri dish of germs. Every day hundreds of little hands and […]

Day Four | Get Out of Your Cup!

A seedling needs a cup at first.It’s a gloomy Monday morning here in Connecticut. The humidity is nearing 100%. I know this because my hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or I risk suffocation. We have no plans today, except that I have to complete a 40 hour work week in three days while Andrew is away in Buffalo. […]

Day One | Pirates and Brainwashing

1919paradoxDay one of summer vacation is coming to a close. I still never quite figured out my summer blog challenge, but that’s okay. It’ll probably be a big conglomeration of all of them. It was relatively calm for day one I’d say. In past years, there would be a week of fighting and idle mischief […]

An Important Announcement About the Use of Name Tags

name tag hatredIn this episode of Julie 2.0, she finally blows her top over the use of name tags in Church.

$100.00 to Amazon

Amazon GiveawayI made it. 100 email subscribers. That means it’s time to give away some money!

Twitter, Grammar, Cement

avalancheA completely random post for a random Monday that will be forgotten as soon as it’s Tuesday.

The Voices in My Head

chickenIn this amazing episode of Julie DeNeen 2.0, you’ll learn what to do when you hear voices. Don’t pretend like it doesn’t happen to you.

Ferdinand the Stalker

Julie DeNeen 2.0 is so popular, she’s managed to get herself a real life stalker…except without the cool notes cut out of magazine letters.

When I Was Younger I….

It’s Friday and the writing prompt is, “When I was Younger I…” and so Julie takes a trip down memory lane to reminisce about all the stupid things she thought about life.

Would You Divorce Your Spouse if They Changed Genders?

Julie ponders the important question: What would you do if your spouse wanted to change genders?

Transgendered Children

article-2285016-18504956000005dc-699_634x564.jpgI’m gonna step in it. Might as well admit it now. It’s all CNN’s fault. Yesterday they had a cover story about a little girl who was born with male sex organs and has been ordered by the school system to use the nurse’s or gender neutral bathrooms. In other words, she can’t use the […]

50 Things I Want to Accomplish in my 32nd Year of Life

Today’s my 32nd birthday and since last year I blogged a birthday list, I’m going to do it again this year…but a bit differently. It’s a bucket list (or a to-do list, but that sounds a lot more boring) of all the things I want to do as a 32 year old.

Weather Junkies

photo-on-10-26-12-at-8-06-am.jpgI decided to become a weather contributer on because I love the weather and would classify myself as a weather junkie.

I’m in JAIL

Julie explains what happens when you try to friend people who aren’t your real life friends.