Final Vacation Post and A Few Announcements

It’s my last vacation post, plus a few announcements about my blog. Don’t miss it!

White House Down Gives Julie a Boost

White_House_Down_Theatrical_PosterDesperate for some excitement, Julie heads to the movies alone. Here is the recap of her adventure.

A Disgusting Humor Me Blog Hop

terryetoombs humor blog hopSo somehow, some way, I ended up in this circle of funny bloggers. Which is hilarious, because I am not strictly a humor blogger. However, my life is wackadoodle enough- I suppose even the serious stuff is funny. Nonetheless, I feel a bit like a fraud. I noticed a theme this week and I’m jumping on the […]

Eating Peas in the Pod

You start with a perfect pea. It almost looks like a cartoon.Wordless Sunday post with pictures of the most perfect summer pea.

Turning Down a Dance

Acoustic Open MicIn this episode of Julie 2.0, you’ll feel very bad for her when you realize she’s missed a much needed nap this afternoon after a difficult decision she made late at night at a bar.

$100.00 to Amazon

Amazon GiveawayI made it. 100 email subscribers. That means it’s time to give away some money!

Sports-a-thon Overdose

scared.jpgJulie is on her way out the door to her 8th field day. She’s so excited about it. Snort.

Revealing My Insecurity

In this episode of Julie 2.0, she reveals some information about herself and her business- her internal crisis to continue to teach– even when it might mean competition down the line.

Defining Success in Life – How Do You Measure?

So far, it's been very successful!Success. Julie goes on a big long rant about how to define success in all areas of our lives. Grab a cup of coffee for this one.

Busy Wednesday with Lots to Say

This is a terrible blog post for SEO purposes, so screw you meta description. I’m just gonna write blah blah blah.

Tumbling at Campbell’s Gymnastics

I hated the rope as a kid, but all three love it.As April school vacation comes to a close, Julie takes the kids over to the local gym to get some exercise.

I Thought I Was So Cool When I….

Not sure what age (maybe highschool or jr. high) but come on now- sweater vest?Flashback Friday – Julie finishes a writing prompt that starts with, “I thought I was cool when..”. Aren’t I always cool?

My Personal Day of Horribleness

What did you say? I'm sorry all I hear in my head is the scraping of teeth.The dentist appointment is in a few hours and Julie is freaking out. Her tongue is tied and she has no words.

Playing Tag on the Playground

photo-1It’s not her normal gig, but Julie decided to play a game of tag on the playground yesterday. It doesn’t sound epic, but it was.

11 Things I Suck At

Starting Monday with a bang, Julie reveals 11 things that she completely sucks at.