BlogHer, Twitter, My Husband, and One Very Scandalous Photo

My husband is a dead man. Why you say? Why is my sweet genteel husband going to be murdered with an ax in his sleep? Because he posted a not-so-flattering picture of me on Twitter tonight. Now, I realize how utterly hypocritical this is. I post unflattering pictures of him all the time. But this […]

The Hazards of Sex with a Virgin

HoneymoonHere it is – everything you did (and didn’t) want to know about what it’s like to go on a honeymoon, as a virgin, with a virgin.

Andrew’s Strange Project

photoJust minding my own business, cleaning the house, and I turned to look out the window to see what Andrew was doing in the backyard.   Best guess wins I’m not sure what. I think it’s a guillotine.

Would You Divorce Your Spouse if They Changed Genders?

Julie ponders the important question: What would you do if your spouse wanted to change genders?

Bedtime Negotiations and Boob Grabbing

In this romantic episode of Julie 2.0, she lets you in on some of the more intimate pillow talk her and Andrew share. Prepare to swoon.

A Marriage with Potholes and Ditches

summer2010-020.jpgMarriages where one person is seen as the “saint” and the other a “sinner” has some unique challenges.

Getting to Know The Beginnings of Andrew and Julie

tmb-468x60.gifThis is the backstory to Julie and Andrew DeNeen and how they fell in love.

Do You Know How to Not Have Sex?

sex.jpg“Andrew!” I called from the other room. “What’s the matter?” “Look.” I held up the little white stick a bit too close to his face. “Geez, careful where you wave that thing. You just peed on it.” “Are you looking?!” I squawked. “What am I looking for?” “Oh for crying out loud, read the legend. […]

My Marriage Advice for Couples who’ve Never Shared Finances

**Today and tomorrow, I’ve written up some of my thoughts on marriage. Big disclaimer coming…they are simply MY OPINION.** Do you know how to be broke together? When we got married, Andrew had no job. Okay, that isn’t totally true. He was working for his Dad for very little money. I was working part time […]

My Husband Can Link Anything with Sex- Even Rubbermaid

pyrex-deal-300x300.jpgSince I’ve started working full-time, it has taken Andrew some getting used to. I can’t keep up with housework, meal planning, laundry, etc. It just doesn’t get done. Anyway, it is also Andrew’s  habit to pick up the phone during the late morning, call up, and check in with me. When the kids were babies, […]

Gotta Love a Good Ol’ Fashioned Spousal Spat

Andrew and I don’t argue often. I’m not just saying that either, because quite honestly- if we argued more, I’d have a lot more material to work with on here. But this morning, we did get into it. “Hey Andrew, what are you doing?” He was in the living room rearranging papers in a pile. […]

“You are Dead to Me…”

photo-15.jpgLast day before Andrew comes home. Deep breaths. No amount of tea will help me this morning I think. I stayed up way to late farting around on the new blog for genetic sexual attraction (dot) org. My to-do list is all over the place. I really think I need a solid weekend to get […]

Lower What?

On our way to our dinner reservations last night, this was our conversation: “So where are we going?” “Well to a farm.” “You mean, a place with cows and sheep?” “Maybe.” “You don’t know?” “Nope.” “Don’t you think this is something you should know?” “Why? It’s not like we are going to sleep with the […]

How a Marriage Survives Depression, Death, Suicide, Financial Hardship, Home Renovation, Three Kids in Three Years, Colic, A Heart Defect, and an Incestuous Abusive Affair.

WhyILoveMyHusbandII.jpgLinking up for January 17th, 2013! This was originally posted in July, but if you can’t come away figuring out why I love my husband, well then I suck as a writer! Today is our ten year wedding anniversary. Holy shit- 10 years. That’s a long time. I know compared to all the older people […]

The Fingerprint of God

I had some time to reflect this past week. Something about a “vacation” brings up a lot of emotion regarding my father and the reality of what I am facing today. We were supposed to be with him and his extended family for a summer vacation; last year it got canceled because of a big