About Julie

Hi. I’m Julie- the blond tornado that runs this blog.

julie laughing smallIt’s called Julie 2.0. Why? Well because life is like an unstable operating system.

We all could use some software patches, damn good anti-virus software, and maybe a memory upgrade. Life is a lot like managing a computer…or a blog.

Funny. That’s what I do in real life.

I manage blogs.

I help people stabilize their digital content. As for my own? It’s a total crap shoot.

It started out as a Mommy blog in 2007. I had no idea what I was doing. This will be obvious if you start at the beginning and read forward. I also compiled them into a book if you’re too lazy to click through 100 posts.

Today (but not necessarily tomorrow), this blog is about my attempts to update my life- change it, reflect on it, record it. It doesn’t have a niche– so I suck.

Since nobody really has anything unique or original on the Internet anymore, I figured I’d write about my life; it’ll never make me famous, but it’s a shoe-in that I’ll beat all the competition on Google for Julie DeNeen.

I’m known for my big hair and my big mouth.

I’d love to be known for having a big life too. Right now, big butt and hips and thighs is all I got.

Be prepared for brutal honesty, mildly inappropriate rantings, and a combination of Christian virtuosity and sarcastic rebellion.

Please read at your own risk. I am known as the blurter of indiscretions, the worst secret keeper ever, and an anti-diplomat (though I try hard to be nice). I take no responsibility for the fact that you have invited yourself to follow me, but I promise you- it is worth it. Maybe. And if you happen to know me in real life, you’ll probably realize that almost everyone who meets me ends up on here- so if you’re not cool with that, run. Now. Fast.

By the way, if you’re looking for “stuff” – like how awesome I am, where I’ve been published, famous people I’ve met (it’s 2 if you’re wondering), it’s all tucked away in the menu bar. I like to keep my page clean. You can thank me by subscribing.

For more information about the users on this blog, check out their photos.

Last thing…

I do have two books published on Amazon. I was new- had no idea what I was doing- just fyi. They aren’t Rowling. One’s a blog compilation– the other is a sorely depressing story that even I don’t want to read.