A Letter to Southwest about their Unassigned Boarding Procedure

After traveling Southwest over the weekend, I have a lot to say about their unusual boarding procedure. I’ve written a letter to the CEO. Do you think I’ll get a free ticket?

The Remains of Day One | Trojan Wheel of Fortune

Here I am, next to the giant replication of my winning piece!I know there is a picture of me with Queen Latifah somewhere….in someone’s phone. The Voices of the Year keynote was fantastic. All the readers just blew me away. No one warned me I’d need tissues?! But the ending was nutty. The event coordinator called the 100 voices up to the stage for pictures, and […]

Just Some Photos of Thursday!

Navy Pier with SandyI promised I would come back. I’m a bit more harried today – since I overslept, missed my meeting point for the Bloppys, ran around getting dressed in under 3 minutes, interrupting the newbie breakfast to find my peeps. Train wreck. I’m delirious. But here are some of the fun photos from Thursday. If you […]

I Got Myself a Boob Job at BlogHer

PicMonkey CollageWe interrupt the regularly scheduled Blogher updates to bring you an important announcement. 5000 women will be coming home with a complete boob measuring system. Here, let me show you. Jockey has graciously offered us 10 various sizes of plastic boob cups, so we can effectively  measure our correct bra size. I imagine this will […]

Arriving in Chicago

The view from my room!Safe and sound. My flight got me to this gorgeous town without a hitch. Even the nice shuttle guy let me sit in the front seat on the way to the hotel. Maybe it was because I was sweet…or because I told him he’d have chunks of airplane food all over his car if he […]

Humor Me | BlogHer Style

My very professional photoshop version of what I'd look like if I listened to all the BlogHer chatter.I would promise that this is the last blog post about BlogHer 2013, but then I won’t be able to blog WHILE I’m in Chicago. And well, that’s no fun. So this is probably the third to last post about the upcoming convention. When I signed up for BlogHer, I did it on a whim. […]

Final Vacation Post and A Few Announcements

evanIt’s my last vacation post, plus a few announcements about my blog. Don’t miss it!

Delirious Sunrise

Waiting patiently for the on-time sun.Delirious. Exhausted. Fatigued. Logy. Drained. Droopy. Drowsy. Tuckered out. Wasted. Worn out. Just a few adjectives to describe my body. Days of early rising, beaching, cooking, chasing, running, moving. Five kids under 10. Lots of talking and planning and eating. Let’s take yesterday for example. We did the morning laze-about, then went to the movies, came […]

The Caravan Arrives

One of those token buildings that signifies Narragansett.Well– we made it in one piece. Not that traveling an hour and ten minutes to Narragansett Rhode Island is the same as Yugoslavia or anything, but when you’re hauling kids and air mattresses and air conditioners, it feels a bit like a production. It took us almost the entire day to move into our […]

Cupcake Wars at Woodloch Pines

If you’ve ever been to Woodloch Pines, you’ve heard of the Cupcake wars. This new game is popular and competitive!

Still Eating – Still Vacationing – Still Snowing

531750_10151393027214197_318071687_n.jpgWell – still here…at Woodloch. The plan was to leave this afternoon, but given this… We’re going to spend the night here. Today has been a lazy sort of day. We’re hitting up all of our favorite activities again, and then we’ll spend the afternoon watching the snow fall from the jacuzzi tub in the […]

Top Ten Moments Today – Woodloch Day Two

gift-shop.jpgJulie recounts her favorite moments from their winter vacation getaway.

Woodloch Adventures Part One

A busy (and cheesy) first day at Woodloch. We started breakfast with hot cocoa and a tower of whipped cream. Breakfast of champions. From there we went to the indoor playground and the bumper cars. At 10:30am, it was the most hilarious version of bounce bowling you ever saw. Yes, I said bounce bowling. I […]

We Made it in One Piece

20130206-080509.jpgWe made it one piece. Woodloch, watch out- the DeNeen’s are here! We rolled in around 9:30pm last night after a largely uneventful 3 hour drive. It snowed the whole time, forcing me to drive the speed limit. The kids watched Wall-E in the back and complained the whole way, “This is a lot longer […]

Vacation Worries Have Begun!

photo-1.jpgVacation worries are the worst, especially when you are afraid kids are going to get sick. The DeNeen’s are only a day away from vacation and the worries have begun.